Skateboarding business rolling

Bevan Newton at his ‘Popsgood’ indoor skateboard park at 2/16 Cook Dr, with Justin Carriage airborne.
Bevan Newton at his ‘Popsgood’ indoor skateboard park at 2/16 Cook Dr, with Justin Carriage airborne. LEIGH JENSEN

A LACK of decent skating facilities on the Coffs Coast may turn to one young businessman's advantage.

Popsgood, Coffs Harbour's first indoor skateboard training facility, was opened by leading skateboarder Bevan Newton on Saturday.

Rarely can someone turn a sporting passion into a career, but this is the 22-year-old entrepreneur's third venture into a skateboarding-related business.

Qualified with certificates in small and micro business management, his first effort was Rollin Skateboard magazine - a North Coast skateboarding magazine.

Next was a partnership publishing effort with Coffs Harbour graffiti artist Ash Johnston, called Pop N Squirt - an occasional street youth magazine.

"This is more of a dream that I never thought would happen," Mr Newton said.

A competitive skateboarder, he travels to skateboarding competitions and is paid to perform skateboarding demonstrations at local events. More than 18 months ago, using his income from his university job, he rented premises in Cook Dr and started to build himself a skateboard-training facility.

"In the first place, it was going to be a place for me and my friends to skate. But then, a lot of people wanted to come and skate but I couldn't because of insurance and council approvals," he said. Building his dream hasn't been without sacrifices - both for him and his family.

"The only reason I'm able to fund this is because I live with my dad and he owns a business, too - Promenade Canoes.

"To be honest, Popsgood is a business, but to me it's a lifestyle."

Popsgood is at 2/16 Cook Dr and open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 4pm-8pm, Saturday for two sessions - 11am-4pm, 4pm-11pm, and Sunday 4pm-8pm. Entry is $10 and inquiries on 0434 372 611.

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