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Slim Daly up for PGA challenge

IF John Daly ever made a movie about his life, chances are children would not be admitted.

And “The Wild Thing” has lost so much weight, the two-time major winner reckons Hollywood superhunk Matt Damon would be an ideal fit to play him in his current slimmed-down form.

“I saw him (Damon) in The Legend of Bagger Vance, and if I could get him to take the club back further he’d be perfect,” Daly said yesterday ahead of his appearance at this week’s Australian PGA Championship at Hyatt Coolum.

“The problem is who’s going to play the ex-wives?

“There’s not many actresses that can be that mean.”

But who would play the old, much more portly Daly?

“The guy who played ‘Tommy Boy’ (Chris Farley), he’s passed away but he’d be perfect the way I looked last year,” Daly joked. “Or (The King of Queens star) Kevin James. He’s my buddy and would do a good job.

“The movie would be about my life, the whole thing, the guts of it all.”

While making a flick about his colourful past could be on the agenda, winning another major championship is also one of the 43-year-old’s burning desires.

And emulating his 1995 British Open triumph at St Andrews is something he would love to accomplish.

“It’s my favourite golf course in the world to play at. There’s just something about it, the way every hole sets up,” he said.

“To me it’s where golf started, and it’s pretty neat a redneck boy has won it before and it’d be cool to go back there and do it again.”

Daly also urged the public, and his peers, to give Tiger Woods some space as he attempts to save his marriage.

“I think now it’s between him and his wife,” Daly said.

“I’m not too happy with what some of the other players have said about him, because when you think about it, it’s because of Tiger we’re playing for so much money.

“Golf needs Tiger more than any other player that’s played golf, and the way he plays brings people out and raises the bar for the rest of us to play better.”

Daly noticed the benefits of his newfound health when forced to play 28 holes in one day during the third round of the Australian Open on the hilly New South Wales Golf Club course.

“Last year, honestly, I wouldn’t have been able to make it through 28 holes,” he said.

“Physically and mentally I wouldn’t have been tough enough.”

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