IT WAS one wrong digit in a text message that led Hervey Bay's Kristy Cowan to the love of her life.

The-then 18-year-old thought she was inviting a girlfriend to a party, when in fact she was texting Glen from Sydney - the man she would marry five years later.

The couple, who now have two children together and have settled in Kawungan, responded to a Chronicle Facebook post about "finding love".

After receiving that text message from a mysterious teenager 12 years ago, Glen decided to have a bit of fun.

"I played along with it and asked (Kristy) who was coming to the party and when she told me the other girl's name I said 'oh, she's hot'," Glen laughed.

Kristy, now 31, rang the number only to find out she had sent her text message to a man another state away.

The pair had a virtual relationship for six months before Glen packed his bags and moved to Hervey Bay, a place he had never heard of before talking to Kristy.

"I wanted to get out of the city and my parents were looking to retire in Queensland so we checked out Hervey Bay," Glen, 40, said.

Kristy and Glen's first date in the Bay was to the movies.

"We wanted to go for a drink after but nothing was open, it was a dreary rainy day," Kristy explained.

"It was so nerve-racking," she said.

Three years after moving to Hervey Bay, Glen popped the question at the Bayswater.

"I never thought I would meet my future wife through a text message," Glen said.

"It was lucky fate for us," Kristy added.

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