Solution to South Grafton's holiday traffic woes

Traffic banked up along Iolanthe St to the Bunnings car park during summer holidays.
Traffic banked up along Iolanthe St to the Bunnings car park during summer holidays. Jenna Thompson

THE congestion at South Grafton is caused by traffic trying to turn right onto the Pacific Highway to go south. And due to the high volume of traffic on the Pacific Highway at this time of the year, in both directions, it can take quite a considerable length of time to get a gap in both directions of traffic to enter the highway safely.

I witnessed four close calls of cars crossing northbound traffic to go south on Wednesday between Grafton and Maclean.

Solution: Make the intersections of Spring St and Charles St with the Pacific Highway left turn only, with southbound traffic using the right-hand turning lane into McAuley School to then connect onto the southbound run-up lane to go south (actually creating a u-turn bay).

This would require adequate signage before both intersections and at the McAuley turning lane.

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