Social pups out and about.
Social pups out and about.

Tips to socialise your dog

1. OBSERVATION is important to start with. Head down to the park where other dogs are, but don’t go in. Let your dog sniff around and watch the other dogs. If any come close and your dog reacts well, give them a treat. If not move further away until they start behaving better as you go closer.

2. YOU need to establish a positive association when other dogs are around, so when you’re out walking your dog avoid pulling on the lead. Encouraging your pet with a treat will be better.

3. INTRODUCING your dog to other dogs early on at puppy school is a good place to start. But even if they are older it will still help. The distraction of learning tricks will not only make them better around other dogs but humans, too.

4. KEEP cool, calm and collected when you are out and about and your pet will, too. If you react like there’s nothing different when another dog is around they will believe it, too.

5. SOCIALISING your pet with people is important as well, but only do it one at a time. If they offer a treat and talk nicely your pooch will have a positive association.

The main thing to remember is to be positive. Trying to correct bad behaviour will ultimately make for a jumpy, more nervous dog.

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