Lisa Connolly is led to Grafton Local Court to face charges.
Lisa Connolly is led to Grafton Local Court to face charges.

South Grafton drug dealer jailed

SOUTH GRAFTON drug dealer Lisa Connolly will serve at least five years and three months jail after being sentenced in Parramatta District Court for her role in a series of LSD, cannabis and amphetamine offences, and solicit to murder of her daughter’s de facto.

Connolly pleaded guilty in September before Judge Roy Ellis in Lismore District Court to one count of solicit to murder. She also pleaded guilty to the ongoing supply of a prohibited drug – LSD between January 30 and February 21, 2008, and supplying LSD in November and December 2007.

Agreed Crown facts state Connolly was arrested following an undercover police drug operation in Grafton that monitored her involvement along with others in the supply of cannabis and LSD and involved the use of an undercover police operative named ‘Adam’.

Her phone conversations were tapped and her drug sales monitored including Adam’s purchase from her of 30 tabs of LSD for $550, and 10 ecstasy tablets for $350, also MDMA.

In January 2008 Connolly revealed to Adam she hated her daughter’s de facto partner Jamie Walker, saying ‘every Aboriginal in Grafton, everyone’s petrified of him’.

Connolly said he had been pumping weights and turned ‘into a cock’ after taking drugs and ‘I hate him’.

She told the operative she had been making inquiries with others to ‘keep him away’ and was looking at between five and ten thousand for that. Connolly also referred to Walker pulling a knife on her to get members of the Gladiators Outlaw Motor Cycle Club to come to the house.

In another conversation Connolly confirmed she was still looking into a hit on Jamie but was ‘waiting on a price from these people because I really can’t afford it. I know it’s not gonna be a cheap thing’.

Adam: ‘What do you want with him?’

Connolly: ‘I just want him dead’.

When Adam revealed he knew a bloke that might be able to help, Connolly told him to ‘just ask the price cause someone reckons I’m looking at many thousands and you know I really haven’t got all that money’.

“I just want his head. So he never comes back. I really don’t care what they do to the c..t. If they take him over to ... and give fresh fish to the c..t and throw him overboard,” she said.

Adam introduced Connolly to an undercover police officer Sean and she told him she never wanted Jamie to be found because she feared he would end up killing her daughter. She handed him $500 cash and agreed to another $2000 when it was done.

Connolly said she would not get cold feet about it, saying ‘I couldn’t give a fat rat’s flaps; the only thing I’m worried about’s me daughter’.

Judge Ellis sentenced Connolly to 6 ½ years on solicit to murder to begin from May 21, 2010 with a non-parole of three years, making her eligible for release in May 2013. On the drug offences she was sentenced to serve three years jail backdated to her arrest on February 21, 2008 and with an additional three years.

On her release Connolly will remain on supervised parole until November 20, 2016.

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