South Grafton takes action in Breaking the Ice on Ice

THE ice problem in South Grafton has forced the community to take action, says social worker at Camellia Cottage Melissa Livermore.

"On April 28 we're holding an information session, called Breaking the Ice on Ice at Camellia Cottage," Ms Livermore said.

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"It's something we ran at Gurelgahm a few weeks ago," she said. "It's an information session for the community on recognising the signs and symptoms of ice use.

"It's also a place for people to come along and discuss the effects ice is having on their families and the community."

She said the Coffs Clarence police constable David Fish will lead the session.

"When Constable Fish addressed the last session he said ice had become such a big epidemic it could not be controlled just with police action," Ms Livermore said.

She said the effects of ice use on the community were both wide and deep.

"A lot of it's just stuff like petty crimes addicts commit to feed their habit," she said.

"But then you hear about the families it tears apart because people's behaviour spirals out of control."

Ms Livermore said the sessions were also necessary to help the different agencies tackling these problems to work more closely.

"The interagencies need to be more aware of what each other are doing," she said.

"That's one of the issues we've found. Different agencies are doing things for themselves, but are not aware of what others are doing. They would be better working together."

Ms Livermore said her personal experience showed why ice was such a dangerous drug.

"Where I come from, Glen Innes, was pretty much a hippy place, where marijuana use was common," she said.

"When I go back there now it's all changed. Marijunana is not the drug of preference anymore.

"Ice has taken over."

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