South Services directors slammed

MEMBERS of the previous South Grafton Ex-Servicemen’s Club board have lashed out at suggestions they were in any way to blame for the club’s current financial state and claim there were inconsistencies in this year’s annual report.

The present board’s proposal for directors’ benefits, including food and drinks for directors and partners ‘where appropriate’, have also been called into question.

Former board members David White and Greg Cowan told The Daily Examiner yesterday the 2008 ‘Receipt from Patrons’ figure of $3,645,952 which appeared in the 2008 annual report was different to the $3,019,052 figure for 2008 which appeared in the 2009 report.

“There has been no attempt to explain this,” Mr White said.

Saying the 2009 report was ‘deliberately misleading’, the former directors, who were voted out in May last year, pointed to several key figures as indications of the current board’s ‘unbridled’ spending.

“They (the current board) inherited a bank balance from us, not a deficit,” Mr White said.

The former directors said it was the first time in the club’s history that the annual report was not sent out to all members, an attempt, they said, to keep members in the dark about the current board’s performance.

Both men, who will stand for election at Sunday’s annual general meeting, said they felt the current board was not taking responsibility for their actions including reductions in poker machine and bar turnover and the $350,000 loan for capital works.

They said questions still remained about how the club had gone from having $491,000 liabilities in 2008 to $1,073,000 liabilities at the end of 2009.

Mr White and Mr Cowan said the decision to lease out the club’s kitchen was the decision of the previous board, not the current board.

The club’s auditor could not be contacted yesterday.

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