Speed a factor in fatal crashes on NSW roads

ONE of the worst long weekends in NSW traffic history has left senior police "disappointed and saddened".

Nine people lost their lives between Friday and Monday night.

In the NSW north west, three members of the one family were killed when their car lost control on a rural road near Narrabri.

A teenager, who was also in the car, remained in hospital in a serious condition on Tuesday.

The threat of double demerits failed to deter drivers from sticking to the rules of Operation Slow Down - 4918 speeding tickets (19% up from last year) were issued.

NSW Police Traffic and Highway Patrol Commander John Hartley said the goal of traffic operations was always "zero fatalities" and his thoughts were with the families of the victims.

He said while a number of weekend crashes were still being investigated, he could "guarantee speed was a contributing factor in a high number of them" and urged drivers to stay under the speed limit.

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