Editorial - Wednesday, October 9: Speed sign in bad spot

SOUTHGATE farmer John McCaffery has a point when he complains about the positioning of a 90kmh speed sign on the Grafton side of Southgate.

After all drivers coming around the bend off the Tarrant Bridge consistently end up in his paddocks and yesterday took out a section of brickwork on his house.

It was something he predicted could happen and he has battled with the RTA and its successor, RMS, to get things changed.

To be fair changes have been made: the end of the 50kmh has been moved out another 180m or so and the speed limit dropped to 90kmh. But the position, on the peak of the bend, still riles the farmer.

"It's still not in the right position," he said. "You and I can look and see it's not in the right place, but those blokes at the RMS, you can't tell them."

"Instead of encouraging people to slow down, it tells them to speed up before they've even got around the bend."

The Daily Examiner will ask RMS for an explanation tomorrow.

Tim Howard

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