Speedway season finale

THE final speedway meeting of this season will be held at the Grafton Showground tonight.

As well as seven classes of racing, the finale of the season will be a Demolition Derby.

These are always very popular with the crowd as there are virtually no rules.

The vehicles can go forwards or backwards and the idea is to eliminate other vehicles by hitting them as hard as possible.

The last vehicle still going is the winner. The usual classes that have supported Grafton speedway all season will be on show, including AMCA Nationals, limited sprinters, stock rods, street stockers, four cylinders and juniors.

The limited sprinters will be competing in a King of the Ring event where cars will race two at a time and the loser from each race is eliminated until there is a winner of the final race.

The limited sedans, which have been down on numbers this year, will be competing against the outlaw sedans from Brisbane. The outlaw sedans are former super sedans, which for many years have been the ultimate form of speedway sedan racing in Australia. They are called outlaws because although they are the same type of car as a super sedan, they are controlled by a different body. They have V8 engines up to 366 cubic inches with very large tyres so there is sure to be a lot of biff and barge among them on Grafton’s tight track.

The first race will commence at 5.30pm.

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