Stay up to date with all the latest scores and results from across the Clarence.
Stay up to date with all the latest scores and results from across the Clarence.

SPORT ROUND UP: All the latest scores and results



RESULTS of Grafton Outdoor Archery shoot (3D) held Sunday, October 4, at Bawden’s Bridge course.

Scores out of 400: Rod Shorten 330 (Senior Sighted), Chris Glasser 323 (Senior Sighted),

Nathan Kendell 311 (Senior Sighted), Warren Hutchinson 303 (Senior Sighted), Gordon Kelly

292 (Senior Bare Bow), Pat McLoughlin 276 (Senior Sighted), Noah Shepherd 272 (Junior

Sighted), Merv Kerrison 224 (Senior Sighted Recurve), Mitchell Firth 211 (Senior Traditional

Recurve), Natalie Shepherd 204 (Senior Sighted), Alan Wilson 203 (Senior Traditional

Recurve), Toby Pennell 158 (Cub Traditional Recurve), Jeff Thompson 185 (Senior Traditional

Recurve), Lacey Pennell 130 (Cub Traditional Recurve), Ian Revell 114 (Senior Traditional

Recurve), Kristy Pennell 109 (Senior Traditional Recurve).

Results of indoor shoot held Tuesday and Thursday, September 29 and October 1.

Tuesday: Beginners, Cubs, Juniors and Seniors.

Scores out of 200: (15 Mts) Vince Guilia 200 (Senior Sighted), Maureen Brincat 199 (Senior

Sighted), Warren Hutchinson 194 (Senior Sighted), Noah Shepherd 189 (Junior Sighted),

Natalie Shepherd 160 (Senior Sighted), Rayne Hartley 158 (Cub Sighted), Merv Kerrison 127

(Senior Sighted Recurve), Ethan McDonough 122 (Junior Sighted), Heath Revell 109 (Cub

Traditional Recurve), Rachel Binskin 108 (Senior Traditional Recurve), Wayne Revell 87

(Senior Traditional Recurve), Ian Revell 77 (Senior Traditional Recurve).

Thursday: Seniors, Juniors and Cubs.

Scores out of 300: (20 Mt walk-up) Vince Guilia 300 (Senior Sighted), Maureen Brincat 292

(Senior Sighted), Warren Hutchinson 287 (Senior Sighted), Natalie Shepherd 276 (Senior

Sighted), Gordon Kelly 269 (26 X’s) (Senior Bare Bow), Noah Shepherd 269 (19 X’s) (Junior

Sighted), Rayne Hartley 247 (Cub Sighted), Alan Wilson 228 (Senior Traditional Recurve),

Wayne Revell 215 (Senior Traditional Recurve), Jeff Thompson 206 (Senior Traditional

Recurve), Merv Kerrison 191 (Senior Sighted Recurve), Rachel Binskin 168 (Senior

Traditional Recurve), Toby Revell 166 (Junior Traditional Recurve).

Working bee and outdoor camp-out will be on October 16-18 or give some time Saturday or

Sunday. Come help us build a new course.

Next outdoor shoot: (3D) Sunday, November 1, at Bawden’s Bridge course, 10am

start. Sausage Sandwiches and drinks available.

Indoor Archery at 21 Turf St, Grafton, on the river side of the railway line via Fitzroy St.

Tuesdays from 6pm. Beginners, Cubs, Juniors and Seniors. Thursdays from 6pm.

Seniors, Juniors and anyone else who would like to come along.

—Jeff Thompson



GRAFTON Bridge Club is now using Stepbridge to play online as a club. That is, we play against only our own members on two sessions a week. At other times we play against people from all over Australia. This week the Tuesday match was won by Geoff and Jenny Sharpe. Kerry Harding and Marion Leaver were second with Helen Hearnshaw and Dawn Rapley third. Helen and Dawn filled first place on Thursday September 24 with Jenny Sharpe and Geoff Hiatt second. Del Frawley and Denise Llewellyn were in third place.



TUESDAY – Another good day for croquet. Ken is back after a couple of weeks off, meeting up with old friend Eric. They then teamed up to play Heather and Kath. First game the boys were soundly beaten. Second game the boys got their act together and narrowly won. The third and deciding game the girls don’t want to know about.

In other games Ann, Joy and Bon all scored hoop to hoops, Pam got in a nice jump shot and Heather and Carole both went in off.

Thursday – Karen had a hoop to hoop. Jump shots went to Janet, Edna and Ann. In offs went to Eric, Carole and Karen.

It was good to have Eulie back after an extended time away. You can’t keep a good woman down.

New players are always welcome. Our days of play are Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7.30am. All equipment is supplied. The cost to play is $6 per session.

For more information contact Carole Radford 0427 783 330 or Karen Marsden 0437 157 198 or just turn up to play. We are located at the Lawrence Golf Course, Anne/March Street. Lawrence.

—Kathy Trim


LAST Wednesday the weather didn’t know if it wanted to be hot or cold but it didn’t worry these winning teams, Anne/Graham, Toni/Clare, Wendy/Mal, Joy/Genny, Rhonda/Clare, John/Graham, Joy/Ray, Pam/Steve, Fay/Toni, Rhonda/David, Margaret/Ian, Genny/Sue, Wendy/Graham, Joy/John, Rhonda/Genny, Ian/Steve, Toni/Rhonda, Mal/Graham, Pam/Steve. Genny took the Sheriff’s badge off Jim then Rosemary rode in to town and shot up the Sheriff (sorry that’s a line out of an old joke) and took the badge off her. Rhonda and Graham had a good day with the mallet and welcome to new player Leigh who played well.

Because of green maintenance we won’t be able to play Twilight Croquet until December so hats and sunscreen will be the order of the day as the weather gets hotter. From now on after the games all players must sign into the club and pay their game fee to the change counter and get a receipt which they will give to Fay for our records. CEO Phil Broughton explained that this was another COVID-19 precaution that is required.

Join us on Wednesdays arrive 8.30am for 9am hit off. New members and visitors welcome (flat soled shoes are a must). All equipment supplied and people to teach you the game of golf croquet or if you are already playing we would love to have game with you. Cost is $10. Contact John and Fay Church 6645 8189 or Graham Schubert 6645 8073 or just turn up. See you at Croquet at the Bowlo.

—Graham Schubert



RESULTS from Grafton District Golf Club for Saturday October 3, 2020.

McLennan, Deece Optometrists 18 Hole Stroke – October Monthly Mug

Starters: 115

Overall and Mug winner: Neville Henwood 68 nett

‘A’ grade winner: Peter Sinclair 73 nett

Runner-up: John Dahl 74 c/b

‘B’ grade winner: Kenneth Dewar (Yamba) 69 nett c/b

Runner-up; Dean Sing 69

‘C’ grade winner: Nicholas Bryant 70 nett c/b

Runner-up: Gary Cook 70

‘D’ grade winner: Rowan Butcher 71 nett

Runner-up: Chris Gannon 72

Nearest the Pin:

1st Pro pin – Jesse Langford 87cm, 6th -Scott Bishop 158cm,

10th – Paul Langford 59cm, 17th – Kenneth Dewar (Yamba) 194cm,

2nd shot 4th – Dean Sing 206cm.

Pro balls to 75 nett on countback

Visitors from: Yamba, Bonville International, Longyard, Maclean, Woolgoolga Golf Clubs.


Date: 1/10/2020

Event: 18 Hole Stableford

Sponsored by: GDGC

Starters: 60

Winner: Gregory McCaughey 42pts c/b

Runner-up: Ron Phillips 42pts

2nd R/up Bill Blaikie 39pts

NTP’s sponsored by: Dougherty Property

1st Mark Robson 44cm

6th Bob Fish 140cm

10th Bill Bishop 130cm

17th Mark Robson 607cm

Pro Balls: 35pts

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