St Andrew's to take on state

TEN students from St Andrew's Christian School have shown they have the skills to take on the rest of the state at the Christian Schools State Touch Football Tournament in Newcastle.

Chosen from various St Andrew's teams competing at a touch football tournament in Lismore recently, the students will duck, weave, chase and pass as they represent the North Coast in under-16 boys, girls and senior boys squads at the March 26 tournament.

St Andrew's teacher and touch football coach Dale Adams said it was a wonderful achievement for the students to make the North Coast squads.

“They'll be playing and representing the North Coast area and it's a great thrill for them to be able to be a part of that,” he said.

“It's a good trip for a lot of these kids to go on ... getting down there and playing at a higher level.

“They'll get to play against some kids who are quite highly skilled and get to compete in that division.”

Adams said the students' success also reflected well on the school.

“It's fantastic for our school to have kids chosen to go to Newcastle and experience playing against bigger schools,” he said.

Adams said he was surprised to see the students step up to the regional squads so quickly, with the school's touch football program still only in its infancy.

“It's something that we've only just started to do over the last two years,” he said.

“It's started to be a bit of a sport that's growing within our school.”

The lack of exposure of the game at St Andrew's has not derailed the enthusiasm of the students, who continue to progress through the representative squads.

“There are a few kids who made it again from last year ... and it's good to see there's been more kids selected,” Adams said.

“There is another progression where students who do well, can go to another level again by being chosen for the state team.”

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