COMPLETE PACKAGE: This photo of a sunrise from the ranges summed up the tone of the story beautifully.
COMPLETE PACKAGE: This photo of a sunrise from the ranges summed up the tone of the story beautifully. Bill North

STACS of News: St Andy's produce best paper

WELL-written and well-rounded coverage, St Andrew's Christian School stood out among entries for The Daily Examiner's Newspaper of the Year competition.

Throughout 2017 schools throughout the Clarence Valley submitted material to The Daily Examiner to form their very own School Newspaper page.

Schools were asked to assign students various roles in the process of newspaper production, and follow basic guidelines for writing newspaper stories, such as answering the who, what, when, where, why and how in the opening stanzas, and avoiding adverbs or opinion.

Titled STACS of News and published on August 15, St Andy's entry used the collective efforts of several students, covered the topics of science, sport and music, and included a range of creative photography from students.

The lead story 'Solar - the way of the future', by Sandy Harris and Daniel Dobber was written in a clean news style about automotive students studying how solar vehicles can be made more efficient, and quoted principal Mac Lindsay.



The best photo was an unusual choice in terms of being a collage of photos rather, than an individual photo. Clarence Valley Anglican School included 10 snapshots (pictured right) of Year 9 students creating the school's living Australians at War museum. It was looked upon favourably by the judges for its originality and creativity, and for how it accurately conveyed the story being told.

Best Story went to McAuley Catholic College for its lead 'Seeing the positives in Valley life' published on August 22.

The story, re-published in its entirety below, covered a newsworthy issue, used accurate spelling and grammar, was well researched and used a suitable photo that portrayed the Valley of Gold competition.

THIS term McAuley Catholic College launched a competition, The Valley of Gold.

The theme was awareness of mental health issues. Students had a choice of making a film, artwork, short story, poem or photograph of their special place in the Clarence Valley.

The Valley of Gold competition was created to show the positives of the Clarence Valley and its uniqueness.

Students expressed their love for the Clarence valley as 'the only town that has a bendy bridge', 'a town of opportunities', 'only a one and a half hour drive to the beach one way and just an hour drive the opposite way and you are able to experience beautiful bush walks and lush rainforests'.

Students were inspired by eachers Isaac Day and Rob Imeson with a song was recorded locally features Clarence Valley musicians.

The song explained the positives of the Clarence valley, and activities locals enjoy in the community.

The prizes that were up for grabs included a family holiday at the Blue Dolphin Resort in Yamba for the weekend.

The winners of the family holiday were Bailey Commerford, Bill Bolte and Jackson Daley.

Their entry filmed with a drone highlighted the beauty of our coast, rivers and stunning hinterland.

The boys kindly donated their prize to a family in our our community going through great hardship.

Runners-up included Ryley Opalniuk, Anna Jenkins, Charli Bingham and Lauren Ferry.

Life in the Clarence Valley can often be portrayed as boring or less exciting than the big cities but sometimes quiet beaches and a little alone time is all you want, though it does have a fun side to it and the community we are surrounded by is supportive and close.

As young members of the community we are happy to be in such a safe, supportive and vibrant community.

The area we live in is not one of doom and gloom. This Valley and all that it encompasses is a beautiful place to grow up in and come back to.

Living in this area provides us with a chance to connect with so many things that can have a positive effect on our mental health.

NEXT WEEK: Features the primary school winners. Competition was hot with 21 schools entered.

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