State hockey gets cash injection

HOCKEY NSW is set to receive $2 million this year for the development of grassroots playing facilities, while the Labor government has promised another $3.5 million if it wins the state election.

Hockey NSW was thrilled to receive a significant injection of funds from the state government, with the funds expected to benefit members across New South Wales and provide opportunities for players of all ages, genders and abilities.

“This record investment by the New South Wales government is focused on participation growth at the grassroots level. It recognises the value that hockey brings to the community,” Hockey NSW chief executive Paul Bruce said.

“This funding is a direct result of the Hockey NSW Board’s strategic facility assessment and planning since 2009. This planning has provided the New South Wales Government with an irrefutable blueprint for the growth of hockey in New South Wales.”

Bruce said Hockey NSW’s focus on the future development of hockey was in line for further support, with the Labor government indicating that if it is re-elected it will invest a total of $5.5 million in up to 11 development projects for new and refurbished hockey turfs across the state.

The funds will be allocated over a three-year period, with the first $2 million coming to Hockey NSW within the current financial year.

Bruce said funding of this magnitude was a milestone in the history of hockey in New South Wales.

Hockey NSW has more than 27,000 registered members, with a number of Sydney associations showing significant growth patterns.

Hockey is enjoying steady growth as it positions itself as a sport of choice for families, providing opportunities to participate and compete at every stage of a member’s life cycle, from under-sevens to veterans.

The success of the national men’s and women’s teams at the Commonwealth Games, World Cups, Champions Trophy tournaments and Olympics continues to provide inspiration for players, officials, administrators and supporters of hockey of all ages.

The immediate priority upon receipt of the $2 million will be six new turfs in Sydney.

The areas have been targeted as having the greatest population growth and capacity to attract new players.

Funding allocation to Parkes and Tamworth will also allow for the development of turf fields in the regional centres.

Tamworth Hockey Association has established itself as a leader in junior hockey participation and development.

Parkes, through this funding, is expected to start work soon on a new turf field.

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