THE Native Stingless Bee Expo on February 17 was a huge success. Organisers were delighted with attendance, about 200 people, and have enjoyed the accolades received since.

Speakers and demonstrators were Dr Tim Heard, Russell and Janine Zabel, Dr Tobias Smith, Steve Maginnity, Wayne Fuller and Neville Anderson. Their presentations included everything from the chemistry of pollen required by native stingless bees, to a practical demonstration of hive construction; all enlivened by their obvious enthusiasm, fascinating facts and beautiful photographs.

Carole Faulkner's display of photographs was a point of interest during the breaks when guests also enjoyed the delicious food supplied by the jockey club.

Sue Moore, co-ordinator; Carole Faulkner and Delree Philp, booking registrars; and Laura Noble, scheduler and go-between extraordinaire; all deserve special mention for their months of hard work. David Kelly, another willing worker, brought great ideas including colour coded balloons and name tags. So many helpers; too many to name them all but their work was noticed and appreciated by the guests.

Raffle results:

First: Hive stocked with native stingless bees Greg Field

Second: 100 Native Plants Geoff Jones

Third: Books and DVD Shiranda Faulkner-Costa

Members are sad to know that president Ken Faulkner is again in hospital. We wish him a speedy recovery.

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