Stolen and burnt Prado sunday night

Prado stolen and burnt to the ground on Orara Way on Sunday night.

To the Scumbags that took our possession and trashed it.

Thank you for causing us the pain you did, while you were joy riding in our car you destroyed our happiness, we had just had the car serviced and spent over 700 dollars in the last couple months in preparation of doing a trip we were so looking forward to, we had scrimped and saved to do so.

We think we know who you are, as we believe you had come to our garage sale.

So that you may know some of the pain you have caused, whither you care or not, we do, so below is just some of the pain and expenses you have caused..

We lost everything you burnt in our car, hundreds of dollars to replace, including a new first aid kit, my specialty sunglasses which I need to protect the one good eye I have, 2 dog leads that cost over $30 each just for the collar alone, blankets and sponge mattresses, hubby's sunglasses, tools worth a lot to replace, tissues, wet ones, a picnic set. This all cost money to replace,

Yes it was insured, but only for the book value of the car, all our possessions you destroyed are not covered.

I know you sleep well at night, because you don't have a conscious, because if you did you would not have taken it in the first place.
And we now most probably will have to travel to Sydney to replace our car, because we will most probably not get a car in that condition locally, of the same value.
which will mean we are out of pocket for the train fare, the taxi fare to get to a dealer, the stress.

that is after the several weeks doing without a car, forcing my husband to do all the shopping on foot, because I cannot walk far on my bolted ankle, our dogs which loved to go for a drive each day cant understand why now, this may be a joke to you, you thieving mongrels, but it was our life.

The hassle just to simply replace the fabulous car that we owned until you though you had the right to simply walk in and take something that you had no right to do, then you though it ok to destroy it, funny thing is If someone was to touch something YOU own you would want to harm them, well what gives you the right to do it to others.

We now have to pay for a taxi to go to my specialist because I have a smashed ankle full of bolts. NONE of this is covered with insurance, we were only pensioners and don't have the luxury of paying for insurances to cover those sort of expenses.

Unlike YOU we had worked for what we owned and now retired have to live simply to exist.

We don't go around thieving other peoples stuff to get our thrills, we paid for it with money we earned and saved.

So if anyone that knows anything about this event, please tell the police and see justice done, you never know, it may repay you one day when someone steals something of yours.

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