Property owners urged to insure against earthquake damage

OWNERS and corporations responsible for strata properties have been urged to be proactive with earthquake insurance coverage.

The warning comes from Strata Community Australia CEO Kim Henshaw after a number of significant seismic events in the Sunshine Coast area.

Mr Henshaw said he wasn't trying to sound alarm bells but wanted to encourage property owners to be more proactive.

"We want people to abandon the complacent 'this won't happen to me' psyche because, contrary to assumptions, Australia is a very active location for seismic events," he said.

Mr Henshaw said any seismic event declared an earthquake by the Insurance Council of Australia would see strata buildings with earthquake policies automatically covered.

"A range of providers offer really good protection for strata property stakeholders with the right cover in place, but we're wary that there are not enough people out there who have ticked this first box," he said.'


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