OLD OR NEW: Should Sandon’s street names honour the past or reflect the present?
OLD OR NEW: Should Sandon’s street names honour the past or reflect the present?

Past versus present: Sandon street names cause confusion

RESIDENTS of the village of Sandon are torn between honouring the past and acknowledging the present when it comes to choosing names for their streets.

At Tuesday's Clarence Valley Council Environment, Planning and Community committee meeting two residents gave deputations supporting their points of view.

The deputations are the latest move in a battle to formalise the street names in the village to avoid confusion over addresses in the village.

During her deputation, Gaynor Gillespie said she had experienced the problems this created first-hand after her husband had a stroke and the ambulance took longer than normal to find their street address.

The problem seemed to be resolved when council and the Geographic Names Board approved the names Albatross St and Viking Cres for Sandon's street names.

But according to resident Janet Halliday who also addressed council on Tuesday, the names were not to the liking of the residents of the 36 households of Sandon.

Ms Halliday said the names Albatross and Viking - named after historic fishing vessels in the area - had little relevance for current Sandon residents and visitors.

"To most they are the names of a seabird and a Nordic person not endemic to this area," Ms Halliday said.

She said two polls of the residents revealed they shared her misgivings and they wanted the streets named Jetty Rd and Pebbly Cres, in reference to local landmarks the jetty and Pebbly Beach.

Ms Halliday said she had been in contact with the Geographical Names Board which was happy to approve the street names.

What do you think the streets in Sandon should be called?

This poll ended on 17 February 2015.

Current Results

Jetty St and Pebbly Cres


Albatross St and Viking Cres


None of the above


Meet in the middle... One from each.


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

Mrs Gillespie made her pitch to councillors on the basis of recognising the town's history.

She said servicemen coming to the area after the Second World War had begun fishing from the region and the money the industry created allowed the town to survive.

Mrs Gillespie recognised the village had changed character now and was largely made up of holiday homes.

"We owe it to the early residents of Sandon to recognise their part in the history of Sandon," she said.

"Naming the streets after two fishing boats from the early years of Sandon will give them that recognition."

The committee voted to approve changing the street names to Jetty Rd and Pebbly Cres.

Council must advertise the changes and seek approval from the GNB. It also agreed to notify each of the households in the village for comment.

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