Online education brings degrees without barriers to Clarence

ONLINE education means the lack of a university campus is no longer a road block for Clarence Valley residents who want to complete higher education.

A recent DEX poll found 70% of people would stay in the Valley to study.

Open Universities Australia's Student Success Services founder Cathy Stone said online education removed the barriers, like time constraints, people normally faced when looking to enrol at university.

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"Most of them are not school leavers but are older students, who work full time or part time as well as having family responsibilities," Dr Stone said.

Dr Stone also said of the 41,000 students studying online, 67.7% were the first in their family to take up higher education and 58% of Open Universities Australia students were women.

She also said first-in-family students were more likely to be mature-age students, with 37% of students over 35 years old.

"These students are investing in their own futures and their families' future," Dr Stone said.

"Through studying online, they have the flexibility to study at times that suits them, so that they can achieve their goals and gain their university degree."

Dr Stone said university was no longer limited to an elite demographic.


DEX Poll

Would you move away to study on campus or would you stay in the Clarence Valley and study online?

 I would move away to study on campus - 20%

 There is too much keeping me here in the Valley, I would study online - 70%

 I study at the University of Hard Knocks - 10%



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