Master the art of blow drying your hair at home with a few simple moves.
Master the art of blow drying your hair at home with a few simple moves. Jupiterimages

STYLEwise: Secret to easy hair styling

WE have team training in our salon every second Monday, and sometimes while revisiting the basics like blow-drying and straightening we often discuss the difficulties our clients have performing these jobs at home.

Some people can handle a blow-dryer or flat iron like it’s an extension of their own arm and have no problem at all making their own hair look like they have just come from the salon, but for others it can be a real struggle.

I thought a few tips here over the next few weeks may help those of you who battle with the blowdry.

This week we look at the perfect WRAP blow-dry:

The WRAP blow-dry got its name from the technique used. Basically you are wrapping the hair around the head while you dry it. It is the perfect way to get volume and shine into your hair while stretching out things like cowlicks and stubborn kinks. To do this technique properly you will need either a paddle brush or a flat brush like a Denman.

1. Start by washing your hair with a moisturizing shampoo and straightening conditioner like Joico’s Smooth Cure range. Prepping your hair with the right type of shampoo and conditioner will help make hair manageable, less likely to go frizzy and cut your work load by half.

2. A good smoothing/body building product is also key to the perfect blow-dry. The product you use will depend on the type of hair you have and your stylist is the best person to ask for advice, a salon styling range will make all the difference to the finished result. Always apply your styling product to damp hair and make sure you distribute the product thoroughly over every strand.

3. If hair is still fairly wet, blast hair with your dryer to remove excess moisture before you start, pulling the roots straight and tight with your fingers as you do to alleviate kinks setting into place, unless you have very curly or wavy hair, then I would recommend leaving your hair wrapped in a towel longer to absorb the excess moisture and then start to blow-dry from wet, definite wave patterns in the root area are hard to get out once they start to dry.

4. When your hair is about 70% dry then start your WRAP blow-dry, by directing the airflow along the hair shaft as you brush it in multiple directions around the head, side to side, backwards and forwards, stretching the roots out and eliminating kinks and definite partings while creating volume and shine.

When your hair is totally dry and you are happy with the result then hit it with the cool shot button to set it in place.

Remember shaping hair is a bit like making jelly, you need heat (hot water) to make the jelly but you set it in the fridge and and hair is no different, the cool shot button is what sets your style in place when you’ve finished.

Happy styling,

Kerrie @ DiMattia Hairdressing

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