New owner of Sunrise on Turf Amy Bultitude.
New owner of Sunrise on Turf Amy Bultitude. Caitlan Charles

Sunrise on new owners

A CHEF by trade, Amy Bultitude was ready to step up and take on something new when she moved to Grafton with her husband Michael and their children.

The two have just taken over Sunrise on Turf, opening last Monday after buying the business last year.

"I'm originally from Brisbane and Michael is from down here and we wanted to move here and bring the kids down and be with his family,” Amy said.

"I've been a chef for over 10 years and I've managed cafes and all of that sort of thing. Michael was ready to take a step back in his career and after having babies, I was ready to put my career first and this just came up and it's been full steam ahead.”

Amy said they aren't planning to change much about Sunrise on Turf in the beginning.

"We're just happy to run with it all and from there we will see what works and what doesn't,” she said.

"We want it to be successful, so whether that is keeping with the current menu, and if it doesn't work we will change it up. In this industry, you have to supply to demand, you can't go changing everything up and losing customers.”

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