Sunshine state visit for Maclean kids

RECENTLY, Maclean Public’s Stage 2 enjoyed a four-day excursion to Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

On their first day they visited ‘Land of the Giants’ Port of Brisbane, caught a Rivercat to Southbank for a relaxing swim before heading off to Underwater World on the Sunshine Coast.

Students had the special adventure after a night of activities of sleeping under the Living Ocean with sharks and other animals swimming above them.

Day 2 they enjoyed at Australia Zoo, with hands-on exhibits and live shows, before heading back to Brisbane.

Day 3 was an exciting day with a trip from Manly Harbour to St Helena Island, an old Convict Penal Settlement, followed by a visit to the Planetarium.

On day 4 before returning home, students enjoyed a fun day at the Sciencentre with students exploring Earth Space, Show Zone, Body Zone and Action Stations.

This was a wonderful excursion for Year 3 and 4 students and they would like to give a huge ‘thank you’ to Mr Rosnell, Mr Anderson and the parent helpers who looked after them and made their excursion so much fun.

Last week all the parents were invited along to the school for a family barbecue, where each student presented their parents with a Powerpoint presentation they had made about their excursion. They then were able to take their parents to the computer room for the first viewing of their DVD. The night ended with a viewing of Mr Rosnell’s 4R Big River Film Festival award-winning movie Too Many Daves.

Stage 3 also enjoyed a four-day excursion to Lake Ainsworth, where students got to enjoy a large range of activities and fun.

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