Super cool Nelson speeds to Aussie title victory

A COOL, calm and collected Tyson Nelson sat on his idle dirt bike waiting for the start of the final of the Australian Under-16s 350 Speedway Titles at Tamworth last weekend.

The same could not be said for his nervous coach, Scott Fisher, who anxiously waited trackside for the flag to fall and the race to be finished.

“Scott was far more nervous than Tyson,” Nelson's grandfather, John Brough, said.

“After he won, Scott did a dance in the infield and kissed the motorcycle.”

Nelson, 15, swept the star-studded field away, winning all six heats and cruising to an 80-metre winning lead on Saturday.

Talented rivals Mason Campton and Mick Morris were left in Nelson's dust as the Clarence Valley product asserted his dominance over the 13-rider field.

However, the 350 champion was far more modest in his pre-race prediction.

“Tyson said to me he would be really happy if he made into the top three,” Brough said.

The Tamworth titles could be the last time Tyson competes in the junior divisions with his next competition, the Long Track Titles in Townsville, beginning after his 16th birthday.

“Once he turns senior it all changes for him again,” Brough said.

“He can't wait to get amongst the big boys, but the seniors aren't looking forward to riding against him.

“One of the senior riders came up to me at the Queensland awards and said to me 'cant you keep him back for another couple of years?'.”

Brough said with the backing of the Paul Fenney-sponsored Husqvarna Racing Team, there was no limit to what the already successful Nelson could achieve.

“The Paul Feeney group really want Tyson to commence road racing on a Super Sports 600cc when he turns senior,” he said.

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