Grafton man smoked 20 cones a day

A DISTRICT Court judge yesterday was told by a Grafton man that it was common for him to smoke 20 or more cones of marijuana a day before he was busted for supplying drugs two years ago.

Patrick Joseph Carey, 28, was in court in Grafton yesterday to be sentenced after he pleaded guilty to supplying an indictable amount of drugs (28 grams).

In the witness box Carey said it was usual for him to smoke 10 or more cones before he left for work in the morning and smoke at least another 10 when he returned in the afternoon. In addition he would take amphetamines and occasionally ecstasy on the weekend.

He estimated his smoking habit cost him around $250 a week and he used amphetamines worth around $200 for a weekend’s supply. He said the person supplying him with amphetamines gave him the drug as part of his deal to be a drug dealer.

He told the court he had been a heavy user of cannabis since he was 17 or 18 years old, but since his arrest two years ago, had cut back his smoking and ceased the amphetamine and ecstasy use.

“I’ve cut down to 10 to 15 cones a day and I’m only smoking leaf now. I used to smoke buds,” he said.

Carey told the court that his drug bust had been a wake-up call to get his life in order.

Since then he’d seen a doctor about problems with depression and was organising drug counselling. He said one of the anti-depressant drugs he was prescribed did not work and only made him feel more depressed.

Carey told the court that one of the reasons he still used cannabis was to overcome insomnia.

He said he had begun a new relationship and his new partner was determined to help kick his drug habit.

The crown prosecutor quizzed Carey about his continued use of cannabis and asked why it had taken him so long to get into counselling.

Carey said he had been a heavy drug user for more than 10 years and it was hard to give up straight away.

He had seen two doctors and one of the drugs prescribed to help him had not worked.

The second doctor had prescribed Mogadon to Carey to help him sleep, but warned him not to use it heavily.

Carey said that since he had become involved in his new relationship he has begun to cope better with his depression and has a more positive outlook on life.

Carey’s solicitor Joe Fahey asked the judge to consider giving his client a suspended jail sentence with strict conditions to continue treating his drug problem.

However, the judge said there was a problem with this, as Carey’s continuing cannabis use would constitute a breach of his bond.

The judge asked Carey if he was sure he could give up using cannabis if he was given a suspended sentence.

Carey said he was sure he could, but the judged deferred sentencing him until today.

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