LUCKY ESCAPE: John Anderson and the landslide at the home in Buderim where he was staying.
LUCKY ESCAPE: John Anderson and the landslide at the home in Buderim where he was staying. John Mccutcheon

Muddy hell! Buderim home rocked by land slide

SURROUNDED by the mountainous greenery of the Buderim hills, John Anderson had a sinking feeling his home would be in Mother Nature's firing line during the weekend's deluge.

And that gut instinct was right.

The self-employed businessman is facing a big clean-up after a tonne of mud, heavy boulders, dirt and plants came tumbling down the hill towards his bedroom.

The heavy soil, weighed down by more than 400mm of rain within 48 hours, was gouged from the side of the mountain.

His neighbour's pool still teeters above on the edge of the landslide as he gazes up to survey the damage. Drainage pipes and electrical cables dangle from the hill. The wooden palings fence is leaning precariously towards Mr Anderson's rental home.

"I just can't stay here until I know it's safe, until I can get that okay," he said.

Mr Anderson had a feeling something wasn't right when the rain started on Thursday and the weather maps predicted hundreds more millimetres of rain on the way.

"I started having visions of Thredbo and things coming down the hill," Mr Anderson said.

"I just had a strange feeling; I was worried about a landslide.

"I just got ready to evacuate, I packed a bag with clothes and passport all the things I needed, I had my escape route all planned.

"I woke Friday morning everything was fine, but I wasn't going to stay there for the weekend.

"I came back on Sunday evening and driving up the driveway I thought 'oh the house is there, it was all in vain'.

"Then I went out the back to check and that's when I got the torch out to check out the shadows I could see - I knew it wasn't good."

In the daylight hours Mr Anderson could see the muddy mess before him.

"I was gob smacked, I was just glad I wasn't home when this happened," he said.

"I'm scared to touch anything, I don't want to move something and have another thing slide away."

Mr Anderson has been in contact with his real estate agent and the landlord's insurance assessor has been on scene.

He said he will sleep somewhere else while he waits for the all-clear to return.

"It probably is safe, but is it really worth the risk?" he said. "I don't think I'd be able to sleep at night, I'd be too concerned waiting for that big crack and more to come down."

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