Nava Young shows off another of her talents.
Nava Young shows off another of her talents.

Swell cook book lists surfy food

BEAUTIFUL blonde Nava Young has once again outdone herself and let the rest know about another one of her talents.

The professional surfer and recording artist was born and raised at Angourie and has now released her first book, Surf Food.

After earning her Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and International Studies, Nava could not wait to get her ideas printed, bound and on the shelves.

Surf Food is the product of over two years of ‘email stalking’ the world’s current and past legends of surf in the hope of getting them to share their favourite foods and recipes.

Sixty recipes have been happily submitted by surfers from around the world, many using their local flavours and ingredients.

Surfers like Kelly Slater, Layne Beachley, Stephanie Gilmore and Andy Irons gladly handed over their tried and tested recipes, as have a few of the more local icons.

Nava’s dad, legendary world champion Nat Young, gave his daughter his recipe for home-made toasted muesli. Nava’s brothers, Beau and Bryce Young, also feature in the book – Beau with his fail-safe layered tuna pie and Beau with Angourie banana cake that always reminds him of home.

If you would like to pick up a copy of Nava’s book, Surf Food, head to You can even pick up a copy of Nava’s CD Salty Lullaby’s, too.

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