Swimmers prepare to splash dinner

MAY 8 has been selected for the club’s presentation dinner – so all perpetual trophy holders are asked to return these to T & S Classic Trophies in time for engraving to be done.

Another fantastic line up of members were present for the swim on Tuesday evening, even though the temperature had dropped considerably.

President John welcomed Darren Hayes along to the swim – and we certainly hope that he enjoyed the event.

Lining up for the final of the 50m freestyle were Toni ‘Not the 50’ Ensbey, David Moon, Max ‘Hate these goggles’ Kroehnert, Terry Barnes and Lance Vickery.

Toni and Max were first away and the remaining swimmers hit the water some twenty seconds later.

As the group neared the finish, it was Toni and Max still leading the pack, with Barnsey hot on their tails.

At the conclusion of the race the judge quickly calculated that Toni and Max had broken their times by over a second and they both received a D. These disqualifications promoted Terry to first place with David second and Lance third.

Peter ‘Not David’ Grainger, David Moon, Bruce ‘Get me a good clocky’ Durrington, Ian Goodman and Richard Sear were the finalists in the 30m freestyle.

Ian, Richard and Peter left the blocks almost as one, followed only seconds later by Bruce and David. In an extremely close finish, it was Richard crossing the line first with Peter then Bruce, coming in second and third.

However, when times were checked, Richard was disqualified, moving Peter and Bruce up a position and Ian obtaining third place.

The 30m BB&B had Lance Vickery, David Hill, Bruce Durrington, Bob Owen and Paul O’Connor up on the blocks.

Very little separated the swimmers from the start and as they crossed the finish line a photo finish would have been called if the facility had been available.

The judge, with a difficult job, had Lance crossing the line first, but unfortunately he was issued a D – breaking by .19 of a second. David reaped the rewards with Paul second and Bruce third.

Lance Vickery, David Moon and Bruce Durrington were the highest point scorers for the night – all reaching two finals.

The club would like to extend best wishes to the good contingent of swimmers travelling to Nelson Bay this weekend for the AIF Carnival.

We have been advised that 650 people from all over NSW will be attending the dinner to be held after the swim, a great day of swimming and fellowship is assured.

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