Editorial - Tuesday, April 8: Switch off is good news

IT might seem odd to make a point about mobile phone usage by talking about relationships, but bear with me, it has relevance.

Earlier this year in our Your Say section of the paper we asked readers what was their greatest turn off when dating.

One Grafton teen instantly answered "guys spending too much time on their mobile phones".

Which was the correct answer.

Clarence Valley Anglican School is doing the right thing limiting the use of mobile phones during school hours.

As in many areas of experience young people have not learned to balance competing interests at this stage of their lives.

While it might seem absolutely vital to teens that they know what their friends are doing at any given minute, this knowledge must not come at the expense of their education.

Outside the classroom keeping kids' hands off their mobile phones and gaming devices during lunch and other breaks is a good idea.

Instead of retreating into the virtual world of a game or blocking out the world with their music and headphones, they can take a bit of time to get to know each other.

Creating an oasis of time in their day when children are required to be disciplined in their acquisition of knowledge is no bad thing.

And if teachers decide they can use these devices in class as a study aid it will teach kids they are in control of their mobiles, not the other way round.

And for guys it might show them how pay attention to their girl and not the phone.

Tim Howard

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