NBN cable being laid.
NBN cable being laid. Patrick Woods

SWITCHED ON: Yamba NBN to go-ahead in June

IN GOOD news for Yamba residents NBNCo has confirmed the start of construction of the fibre network will occur in June.

However, planning and zoning delays means the build dates for Maclean and Grafton have been pushed back until January 2019.

A spokesperson for NBNCo said there were many culturally sensitive issues with the build of the distribution fibre in the Maclean and Grafton area, and they were working through approval processes before the build could commence.

"NBN's cultural heritage management strategy ensures that culture heritage protection is integrated into the planning, construction and operational activities,” the spokesperson said.

"NBN is committed to protecting cultural and environmental heritage, and takes all due care and consideration of construction impacts.”

The company is working in conjunction with the Aboriginal Heritage Information Management System, which is administered by the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage.

"It is important to remember we need to construct the NBN network to service all premises, some of which will be impacted by zoning issues - in this case cultural,” the spokesperson said.

"We have in the past amended some of the designs to be done 'aerial versus underground', however the cable still needs to enter and exit the ground as well as potential properties along the route.

"In Yamba NB was able to redesign the route for the distribution fibre which has avoided a lengthy six to nine month delay. Construction is due to commence in June.”

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