ACTION: Organiser of the Clarence Valley Regional Film Festival Wendy Gibbs. Photo: Adam Hourigan
ACTION: Organiser of the Clarence Valley Regional Film Festival Wendy Gibbs. Photo: Adam Hourigan

Talent on screen

NOW in its third year, the Clarence Valley Regional Film Festival, on tomorrow at the Saraton, shines the spotlight on Grafton's talented film community.

Organiser Wendy Gibbs said the two-and-a-half-hour show, featuring more than 16 short film entries, was a testament to the skill of local filmmakers of all ages.

"It's really pretty amazing, the level of talent we have here in the Clarence Valley," Wendy said.

"Some of the entries from the schoolkids are incredible. It really is amazing how talented they are."

Wendy said the event had drawn interest from varied sectors of the community.

"The event was started off by Marty Swain about three years ago and I picked it up last year, and again this year," she said.

"The intention originally was to create something where we could showcase the work of the TAFE students - we have this multi-million- dollar TAFE but nowhere to show the work. But after the first year we opened it up for the whole Clarence Valley community."

The festival features 16 competition films as well as two films not included in the judging.

"We have a huge variety. We will be showing a couple of documentaries, a couple of dramas, some comedy, you name it," Wendy said.

"It's great to see local issues portrayed on screen. Especially the films made by the kids - it's a good insight into what's on their mind, what they are going through."

Wendy has entered her own short film, Soul Bearing, about an aging boy band having one last shot at the big time, and said the performances the actors gave in her film were brilliant.

"As well as showcasing the talents behind the camera, it's a great chance to see some of our local actors who are really very good," Wendy said.

Thanks to sponsors such as 104.7FM, Saraton and Bendigo Bank, there is a $250 main prize as well as various other prizes.

And to add to the Hollywood atmosphere, Wendy has organised a limousine and red carpet for the entrants.

"It's going to be fun for the kids," she said.


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