Teaching grads could be tested on their ABCs

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TEACHING graduates could face new tests on their literacy and numeracy skills, under recommendations of a review of the teacher education system.

Education Minister Christopher Pyne will release the report of the Abbott government review, led by Professor Greg Craven, today.

The report recommended the new tests be mandatory for all university graduates of teaching courses, along with other requirements to improve teacher quality.

It also urged the government to require universities to ensure their graduates were "classroom ready" before accrediting their undergraduate courses.

Mr Pyne's teacher education advisory group also recommended creating specialisations for primary school teachers to focus on science, maths and language courses.

He said the report set high expectations for universities to improve teacher education and made a "clear case" that universities were held accountable for the quality of teaching graduates they produced.

It also called for universities to publish all information on how they selected students for their education courses.

The government endorsed most of the recommendations the advisory group put forward.

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