LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr Palmer’s Rolls-Royce is parked illegally, the driver waits and Mr Palmer finally arrives.
LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr Palmer’s Rolls-Royce is parked illegally, the driver waits and Mr Palmer finally arrives. CONTRIBUTED

Images: Teen accuses Clive and driver of illegal parking

A HINTERLAND learner driver is annoyed that Member for Fairfax Clive Palmer and his driver appear to be flouting rules concerning illegal parking zones.

The eagle-eyed 17-year-old was at the Nambour Together festival at Quota Park with three of her friends yesterday when she spotted Mr Palmer's Rolls-Royce, with its distinctive "Nickel" personalised plate, pull up about noon in front of a pedestrian crossing.

The marked zebra crossing and the yellow line designating the no-parking area were clearly visible in the photos she took, and to passers-by.

"I'd seen him (Mr Palmer) at the Nambour Together markets. He was sitting down at a table talking to some people," the girl said.

"We were on our way out and walking through the tables when we saw his car pull up. The car was sitting there for five to 10 minutes before he walked out. The driver got out of the car and stood out the front of the car for a little while. Then he got back in, but got out again to open the door for Mr Palmer."

The teenager, who has just completed her 100 hours of practical driving lessons and booked her driving test for late next month, is well acquainted with what yellow lines mean.

She said she had not seen Mr Palmer in any way reprimand or chastise his driver for parking next to the yellow lines.

Her mother was particularly concerned at the apparent blatant breach of the road rules by the MP's driver, because the festival had attracted a wide range of community members - many elderly and disabled, who were forced to park legally quite a distance from the event.

"With my daughter turning 17 today and just about to go for her driver's licence, she was very disappointed to see Clive flaunting the law," the girl's mother said.

"After his recent episode a month ago when he was caught out driving without a seatbelt and on the mobile, you would have thought he would have learnt his lesson.

"He's not above the law, but he must think he is.

"We don't want Clive Palmer coming into our community if he's not going to be a good role model for our kids."


SUNSHINE Coast Council parking regulations: No stopping zones

No stopping zones are installed for the safety of both motorists and pedestrians. A no stopping zone is indicated by a yellow line or signage. These zones refer to the whole road reserve, including the footpath or unformed section adjacent to the road, not just the formed section of road.

It is an offence to park a vehicle adjacent to a yellow line or between no stopping signs:

  • on the road or
  • shoulder of the road or
  • footpath or unformed section of the road.
  • Drivers risk an infringement if they do so.

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