WHEN Brisbane's Bill Martin farewelled his 17-year-old son Tim one morning in 1999, little did he realise the next time he saw him, his body would be a charred, blackened shell.

The gut-wrenching horror of Tim's workplace electrocution returns to haunt Mr Martin every time he hears of a workplace death - and for that reason he has relived the trauma for a new WorkSafe video (see above).

"He got the full force of all that power, it went all over him and right through him," Mr Martin recalls in the video.

Bill Martin hopes the death of his son Tim (inset) may help prevent similar tragedies.

"When they got him down, he was just basically a charred body.

"He was taken into intensive care. I didn't even recognise he was my own son. My beautiful boy was not a beautiful boy, he was devastated.

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