Teen hit by 4wd after leaving bus

A 13-YEAR-OLD girl suffered serious injuries and spent the weekend in intensive care after a horrific car accident on Friday.

The Bremer State High School student was hit by a four-wheel- drive while trying to cross Raceview's Whitehill Rd.

She had serious injuries to most of her body and was taken to the Mater Children's Hospital in Brisbane, police said.

The accident happened just 500m from the Edwards St intersection where schoolgirl Anita Dampier was killed by a four-wheel-drive in a similar scenario in 2007.

A Mater Children's Hospital spokeswoman said the 13-year-old remained in a serious condition over the weekend, but was stable and improving.

The girl's stepfather said the family was happy there were signs of improvement.

"She's been getting better.

"The last I heard they were trying to get her to eat so she could move out of intensive care," he said.

The man said the family understood the Year 9 student had hopped off the school bus at her usual stop shortly before being struck.

"We've all been in shock and have spent a lot of time at the hospital with her," he said of his partner and children.

He said his step-daughter was able to talk, and had asked to see her best friend.

Raceview resident Amanda told The Queensland Times her daughter said the girl had been talking with friends before stepping onto the roadway near the bus.

"It's terrible. The neighbourhood and especially the kids are really shocked," she said.

"The bus stop is right near my house so my children are lucky, but I've always been worried about kids having to cross.

"Once the bus dropped my daughter off further down the road and she had to walk.

"I was mad and called the company because it's such a busy street."

An anonymous Raceview resident said many children had witnessed the crash.

"My nine-year-old niece saw it happen and told me about it.

"It sounded very graphic and a whole busload of children saw it," he said.

Police investigations into the incident are continuing.

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