Local mum in telephone nightmare

THE last thing a Clarence Valley mother of two expected when she answered the phone was to have a telemarketer sexually harass her.

But that was her frightening reality on Thursday afternoon.

The woman, who is expecting her third child, said the man asked for someone with her maiden name.

“We are on the Do Not Call Register, so we always know when a caller asks for someone by that name it's a telemarketer,” she said.

After asking what the caller wanted, the woman said the conversation turned sexual.

“He said ‘so do you like sex?' in a thick Indian accent,” she said.

“It sounded like he was calling from a call centre – you could hear all the beeping and things in the background.”

Shocked, the woman said “what?” to which he replied: “Do you have sex?”

The man then went on to say he knew where the woman lived, confirmed her address, and said: “I have seen you walking in the city centre.”

This confirmed the woman's suspicions he didn't know her, but she was disgusted by what came next.

“He said I am very sexually frustrated right now, can you tell me about your sex?” she said.

Then the man said “I just need to have a f...”, and the woman hung up.

Yesterday, after discussing the call with her husband, the woman called police.

“The police were really helpful but they said as it was a one-off call they couldn't do much,” she said.

“They said if it happened again, next time they would get the call traced.”

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