Watching TV and using remote controller
Watching TV and using remote controller fuzznails

Television reception turns Lower Clarence off

RESIDENTS in Yamba, Maclean and Woombah are at their wits end with their television reception cutting out and glitching repeatedly.

Woombah resident Ms Jacqueleine Champion contacted The Daily Examiner after her television reception cut out when watching 60 Minutes last night.

"Quite a few people in the last few days or week, including myself have been querying at the television signal playing up,” she said.

"People from Yamba, Woombah...and Maclean, does anyone know what is causing this?”

Ms Champion said the television loses signal, with channels cutting on and off.

"The problem is with situations like this nobody does your head in.”

Ms Champion said she went through this problem for about three years previously.

"We could hardly get Channel 7. I'm not alone, some people seem to have different satellites.

"It seems to get fixed, everything seems really good but then I think to myself here we go again.” 

On Facebook Group Yamba Noticeboard a resident posted on Sunday night: "Anyone having TV issues tonight? 60 Minutes keeps crapping out here.”

With more than 20 people having the similar issue.

Bennise Cox: Yep all channels for us.

Ann Walsh: Yes been having problems with Channel 9 all afternoon.

Justin Long: All channels aswell.

Kim Toyer: Have been for awhile.

Hannah Stowers: Yes, we are having the same issue.

Jacki Sears: Yep all channels.

Kirsty Boon: We lost every station on ever tv in the house for a good half an hour or more. I missed the end to Sunday night program.

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