Ten cheapest places to buy fuel in the world

WE might often gripe at how expensive petrol is around here, but what does the picture look like on the global scale?

GlobalPetrolPrices.com releases a regular report of local petrol prices in countries around the world.

While all countries have access to similar petrol prices on the world market, different local laws, subsidies and taxes make for very different prices at the pump.

Australia's current reported average petrol price is $1.12 per litre.

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This price puts us 51st on the 179-country long list of cheapest to most expensive countries in which to buy petrol.

The USA sits 31 ranks above us at 20th place with an average petrol price of 77c per litre. 

The cheapest places to fill up in the world are:

  1. Venezuela - $0.02
  2. Kuwait - $0.30
  3. Saudi Arabia - $0.34
  4. Turkmenistan - $0.40
  5. Algeria - $0.41
  6. Qatar - $0.51
  7. Brunei - $0.53
  8. Ecuador - $0.55
  9. UA Emirates - $0.56
  10. Iran - $0.57

The most expensive places to fill up in the world are: 

  1. San Marino - $2.09
  2. Sweden - $2.09
  3. Israel - $2.10
  4. Greece - $2.10
  5. Mayotte - $2.11
  6. Italy - $2.18
  7. Denmark - $2.23
  8. Monaco - $2.27
  9. Norway - $2.34
  10. Netherlands - $2.36
  11. Hong Kong - $2.51 

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