Tennis player fumes

GREG O'Meara was fuming last Saturday when his tennis semi-final at the Grafton City courts was spoiled by dust, exhaust fumes and an unacceptable noise level from a Grafton Speedway practise day.

And after great difficulty hearing scores or even the sound of the ball off the racquet he has labelled the Speedway's location as a blight on Grafton sporting arenas.

In a letter sent to the Daily Examiner Mr O'Meara said he had no problems with the sport of speedway, but he believed the Grafton Track was in the wrong location.

"I believe that this location is clearly wrong as it has negative influence on the adjoining areas, especially the tennis courts, hockey centre and the Aussie Rules community," he wrote.

"Surely, many of the neighbouring residences are thoroughly sick of this unacceptable intrusion on their lives."

Mr O'Meara said the Grafton Speedway must be moved for the health of all sports played at Fisher Park.

"If Grafton wants to firmly establish itself as a centre of sporting excellence the speedway needs to be moved to a more suitable location as soon as possible and at whatever cost to council," he said.

Grafton Speedway manager Will Newton apologised if tennis players or other sports were impacted by the dust or noise.

He said the breeze on Saturday was not normal and the abnormally dry weather had led to higher dust levels despite the track being thoroughly watered.

"You are looking at over $1.5- million to build another track and council isn't going to fund that.

"I would love to have a track out of town but I haven't got the dollars to do it, and nobody would fund it and all the environmental studies to comply with would probably stop it."

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