Testing time for pregnant woman

A PREGNANT Clarence Valley woman who spent three days in Grafton Base Hospital is likely to recover from her illness before she finds out what it was.

The woman, who does not want her name released, went to the hospital on New Year’s day suffering from migraine-like headaches, fever and a rash on her stomach.

Doctors were unsure of her symptoms and conducted a battery of tests.

But when it came time to send off the samples to labs in Lismore and the Hunter Valley, the hospital told her they would not leave until Monday.

“It normally takes 10 days for the results of tests to come back, so in my case I will have to wait 14 days instead of 10,” she said.

“I just want to know what it is as soon as possible.”

Most worrying for her was the possibility she had contracted the rare but dangerous infection listeriosis, which has the potential to transmit itself through the placenta to her unborn child.

A North Coast Area Health Service spokesperson said a number of tests were conducted. Some of these were analysed at the hospital while others needed to be sent to Newcastle for more specialised analysis.

“As there is no courier available to deliver the specified tests to Newcastle on New Year’s Day, Saturday or Sunday, they were sent with the courier as normal on the Monday,” she said.

“After reviewing the available pathology results on the day, the medical officer did not believe the patient was in any immediate danger and nor did she need to be transferred to a reference hospital.

“The patient was given intravenous antibiotics as a precaution until further results became available.”

Despite the delay in sending the samples for test, the woman could not have been happier with her treatment.

“They put me on intravenous antibiotics for three days as a precaution,” she said.

“They let me out on Monday with a course of antibiotics I am taking.

“And I’ve had a lady from Lismore (hospital) ring me to check up on how I am going.”

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