My name is Carlie, my middle child Wyatt,6, has has classic non-verbal Autism. My husband and 3 children live on the Summerland Way in the 80km zone before junction hill. On Sunday afternoon while bathing my daughter's I prepared to retrieve Wyatt from the yard for his bath when I heard banging on my front door. I ran to find my sons preschool teaching aide from last year on the doorstep with Wyatt in her arms and tears in her eyes, her whole body was shaking. Somehow Wyatt had managed to open our gate which is both latched on the inside and outside and almost 5 foot high and run out onto the highway. The powers that be were obviously working with us that it be that moment she drove by. Not only did this amazing woman pull off, reverse and jump from her car to grab him there's was also a 4wd that saw him and slowed quickly enough that they didn't hit him. It was a very close call and at this point the only thing we can think to why he did it is that he loves to stand on the table on our front deck and look out at all beyond, and with the election now over the advertising was removed from the massive tree straight across from our house and he needed to see where it had gone.... My reason for sharing my story and one that could have turned into an extremely tragic one is that I would like to say a MASSIVE THANKYOU to the man in the 4wd who turned his car around to make sure he was ok after managing to not hit him, I don't know who you are but we are eternally grateful for your quick thinking and actions that we see as saving our precious son's life, I only wish you had stayed long enough for me to get out there to properly thankyou. And to Georgina who even stopped in the next day to make sure I had stopped shaking You are an amazing person and I appreciate everything you did from the bottom of my heart and to the end of the earth THANKYOU
Regards Carlie Bullen

Dundee super bowl ad spurs tourism bonanza

premium_icon Dundee super bowl ad spurs tourism bonanza

Record surge in overseas visitors has pumped $6b extra into Sydney.

Sex consent law changes may ‘create legal nightmare’

premium_icon Sex consent law changes may ‘create legal nightmare’

NSW consent laws to obtain a “verbal yes” to sex could backfire.

Uproar over access to children’s My Health Records

premium_icon Uproar over access to children’s My Health Records

Angry parents say they cannot opt kids out of My Health system.

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