The choice is Eco Friendly

JULIE Hodges is a local business woman with an eco-friendly message that will benefit businesses and residents across the region.

Her business – Eco Friendly Choices – offers information, support and products to assist businesses and homes to reduce bills, their carbon footprint and select eco-friendly products for their use.

Energymark is a CSIRO initiative in partnership with the Department of the Environment, Water and Climate Change NSW.

Businesses or households meet in a small group, and through workbooks and group discussion, led by an Energymark approved facilitator, in this case, Julie, participants can make a difference to your home or business.

And best of all – it’s free.

Groups of up to 10 are formed in a local community, participants meet at convenient times and over eight meetings develop strategies and plans to reduce their carbon impact and save money on bills.

A certificate of completion is offered, which can proudly be displayed and separate your business from your competitors.

Julie is holding an introductory meeting at Roches Hotel tonight from 6 pm. Businesses and community members are welcome to attend and find out more about the project and how to be part of a group that can make a huge difference.

If you are unable to attend this evening but would like to know more, contact Julie.

Julie is committed to the philosophy of Eco Friendly Choices and proudly introduces health and environmentally conscious shoppers to a unique “invitation only” membership program that offers a wide range of affordable eco-friendly cleaning and body care products for a safer home and work place.

For more information see her website and click on the recent post Energymark evening or email Julie at:

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