The games begin

THE Lower Clarence Netball Association competition commenced last Saturday in all grades from NETTA to division one.

Round one winners were: YNC CC's, MNC Bottom Pub, MNC Argyle, Breakers 17's, MNC Rockstars, Ripcurl Breakers, Iluka Makutis, Iluka Bowls Blub, Breakers Shakers, MNC Headbangers, Iluka Anchorage Arrows, YNC Allstars, Breaker Champs and Breaker Roxy Chicks.

Our premier league team, Clarence Coast, won their first round home game against Casino Tatts. They now have a bye before taking on RSL All Saints in Ballina.

On Sunday our representative teams competed in the Ballina carnival with all teams demonstrating good skill development as they work towards the upcoming state carnival in Sydney.

The association is running practical umpiring sessions with the first session on this Saturday at 11am for 20 minutes; report to Sarah Campbell on the hard courts. Umpiring rule books are available at the clubhouse for $12. Teams down to umpire must supply two competent umpires who must report to the office 15 minutes prior to the commencement of the game to sign on. For all the people participating in the level one umpiring course at LCNA, the second stage will be on at the clubhouse on Wednesday, May 13, from 6.15pm to 8.30pm.

The next association meeting will be held in Yamba on May 18.

We are seeking a person to fill as LCNA vice-president. If you are interested please contact the clubhouse on Saturday or call 6645 4185.


Lower Clarence Netball Association week two draw:

10.30am C6 MNC Rugrats/Breakers Petals, C7 MNC Stars/YNC Joeys, C8 MNC Twinkle/Iluka Hot Bread, Mini Breakers (Bye).

11.30am C1 MNC Cheeky Monkeys/Iluka Anchorage Arrows (MNC Cupcakinators), C2 Cookie Breakers/MNC Devils (MNC Head Bangers), C3 MNC QT's/Breakers Roxy Chicks (Iluka Rotary Wheels), C4 Iluka Rotary Wheels/MNC Flames (MNC Saints), YNC Allstars (Bye), Breakers Champs (Bye).

12.30pm C1 YNC Kangaroos/Breakers Shakers (MNC Bottom Pub), C2 MNC Saints /Iluka Bowls Club (MNC Terminators), C3 MNC Head Bangers/MNC Cupcakinators (Ripcurl Breakers).

1.30pm C1 MNC Superstars/Ripcurl Breakers (MNC Rockstars), C2 MNC Terminators/Iluka Makutis (MNC Team Rocket), C3 YNC CC's/Ball Breakers (Breakers 17's), C4 MNC Bottom Pub/Breakers 1 (YNC Legends).

2.30pm C1 MNC Team Rocket/MNC Rockstars (Ball Breakers), C2 YNC Legends/MNC Argyle (Beakers 1), C3 Breakers 17/Ice Breakers (YNC CC's).

Canteen duty: 15s rep team, ground duty - Yamba Netball Club (NETTA & hard courts).

Another crash adds to the blackspot tally

Another crash adds to the blackspot tally

Another road incident has occurred near the notorious spot

Three-car smash on Pacific Highway

Three-car smash on Pacific Highway

Fortunately, emergency services weren't too far away...

Beach 'idiot' caught doing 'kilometres of donuts'

Beach 'idiot' caught doing 'kilometres of donuts'

Driver will be reported after he was photographed tearing up beach

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