Melany Zapatta and Angela Trew have recently launched the groundbreaking Ocean Minerals magnesium oil as a pain relief spray.
Melany Zapatta and Angela Trew have recently launched the groundbreaking Ocean Minerals magnesium oil as a pain relief spray. Rodney Stevens

The good oil on pain relief

OCEAN Minerals magnesium oil is breaking new ground in pain relief from its base in the Clarence Valley.

If you haven't heard about the benefits of magnesium oil before, don't worry, it's only been around for five years.

But the power of magnesium and its healing properties to treat conditions including osteoporosis, hypertension, stress and fatigue have long been known by practitioners.

Magnesium oil was accidentally discovered by a petroleum company searching for gas below the Atlantic Ocean floor in 2006.

And in 2007 the oil was approved for human use.

Magnate Australia, the distributors of Ocean Minerals magnesium oil, is run by Angela Trew and Melany Zapatta from their Yamba base where they trialled the product on Angela's gym members.

Around six months ago, Angela said she was introduced to magnesium oil by one of her members and recognised it to be revolutionary way to treat her own chronic back injury.

"I went wow, I had a wriggle, and it was almost instant relief," she said.

"It felt really good.

"Then I left it on the counter and clients would come in and say they were sore."

"So I would spray it on them rub it into them and they would go and do their exercises and say 'Ang, what's in that stuff, it's a miracle?

"Within two weeks I had a list of 60 people who wanted it."

Since then she has formed the partnership with Melany and began selling magnesium oil after connecting with a supplier from Europe.

Several of Angela's clients vouched for the pain relief properties of magnesium oil.

Norma Wall, who suffers from excruciating pain from a foot injury, sings the praises of magnesium oil.

"I have been using magnesium oil twice a day for three months and I have no pain any more," she said.

Heather Badgery said she had been using magnesium oil to treat her arthritic hand for the past six months.

"It gives me much more movement and less pain," she said.

She said her husband also used the magnesium oil for relief from ailments associated with a recent bout of Ross River virus.

"He uses it for arthritic hands he developed from Ross River virus," she said.

Another member, Bronwen, who suffers pain from a bad knee said she and her family used magnesium oil since discovering it.

"I put it on twice a day and now I have a lot less pain," she said.

"My son uses it for a sports injury and my husband for pain in his hand."

Ocean Minerals magnesium oil can be used by all ages, from kids to the elderly, and is excellent at treating painful sporting niggles.

Bottled in a laboratory and tested, Ocean Minerals magnesium oil is claimed to be over 250 million years old and was sourced from 2000m below the Atlantic Ocean floor.

Ocean Minerals magnesium oil is available for $30 per 250ml bottle including postage by calling 1800 885 878.

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