Should the red garbage bin be collected weekly or fortnightly?
Should the red garbage bin be collected weekly or fortnightly? Contributed

The great red bin debate is back

ALMOST 700 likes and 300 comments flooded The Daily Examiner's Facebook page when Kellie Benn posted her thoughts on the Clarence Valley's bin collection schedule.

Here's what she had to say:

"Does anyone else in the Clarence Valley believe that our fortnightly red bin collection should be happening weekly? Especially in this heat. I'm really concerned about the health hazards of our red bins sitting for a fortnight laden with maggots in between collection dates. Even for the people who do the right thing n recycle, our red bins are almost always at capacity after a fortnight, not to mention ripe with the stench of rot n decay. Not everything that attracts maggots is biodegradable/compostable hence not able to be taken away in the weekly green bin collection (which is for the most part obsolete for those of us living on acreage who do not need to dispose of lawn clippings n who have their own compost system). As a mum, the red bin is full of soiled nappies. These are neither recyclable or compostable, so they sit for a fortnight in the red bin (bagged, of course) but still attract flies n are a haven for maggot activity. A friend of mine already posed this question to council with a response from them suggesting to freeze the soiled nappies until collection day. I'm sure this is unhygienic, not to mention impractical. Most of us don't have a spare freezer or the extra cash to run a freezer just to store soiled nappies. I'm sure they wouldn't subsidise our electricity bill either. This issue really bothers me n quite a few others I have spoken to as it really is a health hazard. As a rate payer I do understand that council is trying to cut costs n reduce our contribution to landfill, but surely there is a more sanitary way. I apologise for the essay n thank u for ur time to read this. Regards, Kellie Benn."

Arguments for both sides continued to unfold on the post at the weekend

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