CHANGE AFOOT: The Plantation Hotel has announced the closure of its nightclub.
CHANGE AFOOT: The Plantation Hotel has announced the closure of its nightclub. Trevor Veale

The party is over for The Plantation Hotel

"I'LL meet you at the Planto."

It's no doubt a phrase most on the Coffs Coast have been told, or have told friends, in a bid to kick-start a night on the town - or keep the party going into the early hours of the morning.

Now, after 60 years, The Plantation Hotel have announced on Facebook this week their partying days are over with the closure of the venue's nightclub.

The announcement sparked a number of rumours to circulate around town as to why the historic pub has made the big decision to shift its focus towards a more family-friendly approach.

Reasons for the business restructure are simple says general manager Daniel Knox.

"The nightclub style of trade isn't the most sustainable style," Mr Knox said.

"Looking at the longevity of the business, we can't really maintain it in a safe trading sort of way."

Mr Knox reassured the community it won't spell the end of a nightlife at the Planto.

Rather, he said the move symbolised the venue is ready to leave its rocky past behind.

"We don't want any part of that image, it is unfortunate that we did develop that there for a while and what is done is done," Mr Knox said.

"For us this is next and final step in completely stepping away from that side of things."

A new dress code, tapas menu, table service, and a greater selection of beverages are the ingredients that Mr Knox hopes will transform the venue and see it return to its classic and historic pub roots.

"We're not trading to that market anymore and we are looking to create that more relaxed, more friendly, slower paced environment."

Local, Holly Brikett thinks the Planto's decision to shut down the club is a smart one in terms of business.

"I think it's good because I think they'll make a lot more money than what they are doing now," Ms Birkett said.

Changing the Planto's public perception as a nightclub scene may take some time Ms Birkett said but she remains optimistic about the proposed changes.

On the other hand, former local Serena Johnstone said the nightclub's closure may leave a hole in Coffs' social life.

"There's nowhere to go now. That was the only place that was sort of like a nightclub scene in Coffs Harbour and now there seems to be nothing," Ms Johnstone said.

Newly returned local, Daniel Cohen was also uncertain the Planto's new vision would appeal to the Coffs market.

"In regards to the betterment of their establishment, it's only got to be a good thing I suppose," he said.

Coffs Clarence police declined to comment.

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