Alexa Chung rocks The Shag.
Alexa Chung rocks The Shag. RICHARD GOLDSCHMIDT

STYLEwise: Finally, The Shag you’ve been waiting for

THE Long Bob or LOB as it is also known is currently one of the most requested haircuts in our salon these days. It comes in many forms, concave or solid, wavy or straight, fringe or no fringe, and looks amazing in tones of chocolate and caramels as well as shades of blonde.

But recently it's taken a new turn, or you could say an old one! The LOB has taken on a distinctly 70s vibe almost reminiscent of, dare I say it "The Shag" and those of you as old as me will remember it like it was yesterday.

Now before you bolt into the nearest salon, dive into the chair and whip out your favourite photo of Farrah Fawcett just hear me out.

I'm talking about all the good elements of the shag, the layers, the movement, the just got out of bed look that had men everywhere drooling over hair legends like Goldie Hawn and Stevie Nicks. Today's shag is a little cooler but just as "undone".

Who be my inspiration for sirens of the Shag in 2015? Well those of you who follow my instagram page will know of my complete obsession with the queen of terrifically tousled Alexa Chung: Alexa does undone like nobody else! Drew Barrymore is following closely behind. I have also heard on the grapevine some experts are also calling it the "Swag" but whatever the name this new take on 70s classic style is all about wavy layers paired with a heavy, centre-parted fringe which stops at the tops of your cheekbones. (Almost like theatre curtains) The fringe is key, as it will frame your eyes, which by the way should be worn quite heavily lined with lashings of mascara to match this look. Now the new shag doesn't share the traits of wispy feathery layers we used to see on the likes of Farrah and Stevie, with the new shag, you want messy, healthy layers, which are scrunched to accentuate a natural or wand induced wave. It's a far cry from the Charlie's Angels look. In fact, there's nothing beachy or sweet about this style. The Shag had movement and you can put your hands through it - take the sexy out of it and make it more rockstar cool. Whatever your hair length now, the new shag is the ultimate hairstyle for those caught between wanting a new look but still not quite game enough to chop the lot, its also the perfect haircut to grow out when you are ready to move on to next seasons "next big thing"

How to maintain it

If done right, the shag haircut should be low-maintenance, requiring only a great hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner like MOISTURE RECOVERY from Joico to keep it from looking thirsty, a good styling crème with a heat protectant and anti frizz like Joico's HEAT SET or ANIMATE by Structure then a quick, upwards blast with a blowdryer, using your fingers to shake the layers out.

Finish by tossing your head upside down and spritzing with a little Joico HAIR SHAKE for the perfectly undone tousled look.

Kez x



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