Ryan Eggold tight-lipped on role in The Blacklist

THE star power of James Spader has made The Blacklist the most popular US drama currently airing on Aussie TV screens.

It follows Spader's career criminal Raymond "Red" Reddington as he mysteriously offers his co-operation to the FBI in exchange for working directly with young agent Elizabeth "Lizzy" Keen.

Ryan Eggold, who is best known for his roles on Entourage and 90210, plays Lizzy's husband Tom who might be more than just the school teacher he claims to be.

"It's exciting to be a part of a show like that, that people are talking about," Eggold told The Guide.

"All my friends are demanding to know who Tom is and of course I can't tell them."

Two more episodes of the hit crime drama air next week before the show goes on a break over Christmas.

Last week's episode saw the identity of Lizzy's biological father brought into question, with clues pointing to Red himself, and saw Tom meet Red face-to-face for the first time.

Eggold said he relished the opportunity to finally share a scene with Spader.

"I have been obviously thrilled since signing on to this show to have a moment with him," he said.

"He is a professional. He is very passionate about the work that he's doing, about acting and about making something good that we can be proud of. He's very supportive to the supporting actors like myself, and he is very smart and very insightful about the scripts."

The true identity of Lizzy's husband has been brought into question since the first episode and while Lizzy seems certain about the love of her life, the subject continues to be pursued by Red.

"The funny thing is, as the story goes on they're putting our characters at odds," he said.

"I'm claiming to be innocent and sincere at who I am and Red is constantly asserting that I am a liar and possibly other horrible things.

"With Lizzy in the middle not knowing who to trust, James and I getting to work together is an interesting thing. Does my character know Red or not? Red obviously seems to know him."

Tom and Red's first meeting brought up more questions than it answered.

"This meeting was very much about who are they to each other, and what does Tom know or not know, and are these people being truthful to each other or not.

"They will definitely get into what the relationship is, but not just yet," he said.

So ,is Red Lizzy's father?

"That is the question everyone is asking," Eggold said.

"I think it's going to be a question that's going to bounce back and forth. The show is good at that. As soon as the dust settles something else comes up."


The Blacklist - Seven - Monday and Tuesday at 8.30pm

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