Your star signs for September.
Your star signs for September.

ASTROLOGY: What's in your stars this month?


There is a frenzied and energetic month ahead for you Aries, with oodles of change occurring. The solar eclipse on the 13th of September affects you guys in the areas of health and work. It signposts job changes, disturbances at work, a transformation in conditions of work and intense events in the lives of co-workers and general personnel.


This is an enjoyable month and you would benefit from making the most of it. On August 23rd you entered a personal pleasure phase and it continues until the 23rd of September. With Jupiter in your 5th house, the pleasure and happiness should be huge. There is also a sense of improved luck in general.


It's time to anchor yourself more decisively. Satisfaction will come through using your creative talents, initiative, communication skills and intellect. Pluto ends his retrograde in earth sign Capricorn on September 25th. With this retrograde over, you can finally get your personal power back.


You have more energy to focus on mentally exciting projects, come up with fresh ideas, share and express yourself openly, and connect with other people mentally. You will want variety in your life, and you can take on lots of tiny projects and social activities to keep yourself busy and your mind engaged.


You are more invested in your beliefs and defend them against anyone who you feel threatens them. You may complete a course of study that you've been focusing on for some time, put your work out there or get published if you've been writing. In general, you feel extra hopeful about life.


On September 24th, Mars enters your sign, Virgo, so you get a swell of energy, drive, and excitement. You focus on what you want to do, and have the drive to get it going. You're finally coming out of the shadows and into the light, and you're prepared to take the plans you've been working on for some time and make them a reality.


Saturn moves out of your money house on the 18th, easing any financial pressure. Venus, starts moving forward again on the 6th, bringing better transparency to your personal affairs. On the 23rd, the Sun enters your 1st house, initiating a time of joy and happiness. Health and energy are also good this month. Things to smile about.


On September 17th, Saturn enters fire sign Sagittarius, the sign after yours, leaving your sign. Saturn has been in your sign for the last few years, and you've been learning a lot of hard lessons about yourself and your life. Many of you have been forced to grow up and mature. Now you can focus on new lessons regarding your life, your security needs, and your personal confidence.


You focus more on your career and goals this month, with Mars entering your career sector, you feel more ambitious, driven, focused, and hard-working, and you can work on making progress with the goals that you have. You may question your dreams with the Mercury retrograde, but don't make any decisions to veer off the path you're on just yet.


Get as much done with your career and goals as you can early in the month because once the Mercury retrograde hits, you can have some delays since this will be in your career and goals sector. Prepare yourself to have to do things over again. Patience can be extremely important now with your career and goals so you don't blow it. You need to be more flexible with complications.


You focus on your relationships early in the month, wanting to show how committed you are. You can find it easier to forge emotional bonds, and you feel that it's important for you to do this now. You've been in a big career period for the past couple of years, and you're starting to pull away from that.


For many of you this month will bring job changes. The conditions of work are changing, the rules and environment may change too. Health and energy will improve dramatically this month. In fact it is the start of six months where you will be making very important changes to your health regime.

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