Grandparents get to see modern learning at Maclean High

Beverley Ryan takes a good look at \
Beverley Ryan takes a good look at \"Marilyn Mon-Crow\" - one of the many poultry models as part of Maclean High's grandparents day. Adam Hourigan Photography

THERE were guitars playing at the entrance, birds flying through the air, knitting over the chairs, and the star of the show, a model walking the catwalk named Marilyn.

She's a chicken.

Welcome to the modern school library.

And while there might not that be much action every day, the action came as part of a specially organised Grandparents Day held at Maclean High School on Friday, and for librarian Belinda Cameron it was a wonderful way to join the two generations through common ideas.

"The whole focus of Grandparents Day was to create the opportunity through the library and subject of agriculture for intergenerational learning to occur between grandparents and students," she said.

"Students were given the opportunity to recognise and celebrate their grandparents through acts of service, with inter-generational learning in the area of technology, teach and learning, music and culture."

On display for the grandparents were displays of vintage games, knitting, origami crane making, crop and animal viewing, damper making, a Devonshire tea all which all contribute to foster an awareness of experience and shared interests.


Marie Ahern gets shown the ropes of mobile technology by her granddaughter Kailah Ensbey, 13 at graandparents day at Maclean High School.
Marie Ahern gets shown the ropes of mobile technology by her granddaughter Kailah Ensbey, 13 at graandparents day at Maclean High School. Adam Hourigan

And then there was Marilyn Mon-Crow, a beautifully dressed chicken from the agriculture department, and her friends in a special chicken parade.

"The clear highlight was the chicken fashion parade," Mrs Cameron said.

"The chook is the link between generations. Our students love their ag farm chooks, and the grandparents have 'their girls' in the backyard. Everyone loves chickens."

And as the day progressed, the elders were given a demonstration of modern learning as they folded, played and even selfied their way through the day, with the help of students at Maclean High.

"21st century libraries focus on collaboration between students, curriculum and their individual communities. It's real life learning because real life skills are required to make a day like this a success," Mrs Cameron said.

"It was lovely to see the grandparents comment that they enjoyed a wonderful day out, and equally rewarding to see our students flourish when given the opportunity to serve others in their community."

And as for next year, Mrs Cameron already has some ideas.

"I'm thinking the cows need a turn. I can see tu-tus and hats already."

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